The Ouija Board – Debunked

This is the Ouija Board – Debunked!

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1. Tanner Fox Ouija Board video (referenced in the intro):

2. asserting that Ouija Boards can summon demons:

3. asserting that Ouija Boards can summon demons:

4. advising people to burn Ouija Boards:

5. Brain Games debunks the Ouija board:

6. Science of Scams debunks the Ouija Board:

As always, thank you kindly for the view, and I hope that this video helps you respond to Ouija Board advocates, who would have you believe that it’s a means of contacting the dead. Stay rational my fellow apes.


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36 thoughts on “The Ouija Board – Debunked”

  1. It's a sad commentary on our human society that in the 21st century, someone has to debunk something as ridiculous as the Ouija board.

  2. Dang it, I subscribed to your channel too late. I always wanted a Ouija Board! I have seen more interesting Ouija Board videos where glass breaks, things in the room get thrown or what have you. I think those ones are harder to debunk, but still doable.

  3. I'd like to see the ideomotor effect experiment done with two sets of fingers on the planchet. That would be an interesting indicator of who is exerting more influence over it maybe.

    Edit: just saw the science if scams clip. Fantastic!

  4. I take issue with this effect because if you're subconsciously expecting something to happen it may happen sure, but how could everyone have the exact same subconscious expection then manifest that by moving the arrow. It makes no sense, for even one person to be as specific in their subconscious belief to find a name, a number, an answer to a question, would be a HUGE coincidence. So everyone at the table has the exact same name in their head, the exact same age, the same way the spirit died etc etc, the liklehood is near impossible.

  5. call a demon.
    demon arrived.
    now tell him – down your pants and laydown with your hips up.
    demon be like – wtf, am i joke to you.?😑

  6. I normally try to be pretty tolerant of other people's views and beliefs, but if you're going to tell me that a mass produced piece of plastic is going to
    A) Let me make contact with dead people and
    B) Let a demon possess me
    The you're an idiot

  7. People actually believe in this stuff? Why does there need to be a video debunking it? Do people still burn witches at the stake? What else have I been unaware of?

  8. The question i would ask is this, why would all these spirits need a device that everyone can either make themselves or buy at a store? If they really wanted to communicate with you they would find other ways to do it.

    I have a story though for whoever wants to read it, i've had troubles with a 'demon' years ago. Here it is..

    Ok, to start of, i always was somebody who believes we need to see all possibilities and that every weird story has some truth to it, even though it is absolutely silly to us. In our universe there are phenomona that we simply cannot understand because it's not in our book of possibilities, such as wormholes and timetravel, parallel universes etc.. So far the science, i never really believed in ghosts/spirits, whatever.

    However, back in the day, when i was 20/21 years old i worked at a taxicompany. My job was to transport children to their school. One of the schools was a school for the mentally handicapped from very light handicapped to severe.

    There was this boy who went to that same school (thank god i didn't have to drive him, but i drove him 1x before but i was creeped the hell out by him) and he was really scary to me, he was severly mentally handicapped but he could walk, and had a creepy look to him overal.

    I want to point out, i was never afraid with any handicapped person, no matter how severe it was. But him, i was scared of him to the core.

    So it started with 1 dream, i was at the school talking to one of my co-workers, and suddenly the handicapped boy started walking up to me, i was very frightened and pulled out my gun (a handgun, i don't know which brand since i never had a gun, nor do i have expertise in it) and just emptied the clip on him untill he dropped to the ground. I remember people shouting ''nooo!! What did you do!''
    I didn't say nothing, i just lowered my gun and walked away. I remember my co-worker say from a distance ''he didn't do anything bro''

    Then the madness started, the next dream he was out for revenge. First he only tried to catch me by coming after me but i would kick him away and the dream would stop and i would wake up frightened to the core and had trouble getting back to sleep. I often would scream in my sleep according to my parents.

    There was also a dream where i got invited in the teachers office and she would ask me why i was so scared with him, even though in real life i never told anyone i was afraid of him except my parents who afcourse asked me what the deal was with my screaming.

    The dreams got scarier with each episode, he would chase me or try to get to me by sneaking up on me and i would wake up shouting something like ''fuck off, go away or i will fucking murder you'' even tho i murdered him in the first dream.

    One of the more scarier ones was where he actually got me, i stared into his eyes but it was all white no pupils eyes if you understand me. He wanted to drag me into some sort of cave, it was like a mountainwall with grey stones forming the gate, on the top one there was a bloody pentagram drawn on there, so it was like the devil himself who created that cave. Luckily i managed to wake up before the fucker dragged me inside that shit.

    Later i had a dream to but i woke up, but i swear to god i heard footsteps downstairs and i could hear him making weird noises, at first i didn't dare. But the second time it happened i had a fucking baseball bat next to my bed! So i just took the bat and got ready to go downstairs, i heard him banging on the kitchendoor window very hard and i just stormed down shouting ''come on asshole! Fucking fight me! I'm not afraid anymore!'' but i didn't see him. I even unlocked the door and went outside in the middle of the night to see if he had maybe climbed over the fence. But nope, i didn't find the sick fuck.

    After that the nightmares finally stopped, i still had weird dreams though but not as fucked up as i had back then.

    Point is, i don't believe in demons but this shit definitely was fucked up. Even IF it was only my brain playing tricks on me, or hallucinations it is still pretty scary. Especially since i don't have a history of psychological problems and i don't do drugs or alcohol either.

  9. I once played with a ouija board alone in my room, in the dark, in the middle of the night, breaking all the "rules" at once, just to disprove it to some friends. What a joke lol I can't believe people think this stuff is real.

  10. What about Ouija boards being tools for the subconscious? Could they, if we were to slough off all the spiritual claims and balderdash, be used for therapeutic purposes, similar to free writing?

    My brother-and-law/sister and I tested the board once, with an alternation of one of us thinking something and the other two trying to guess it (we tried this at a neighbor's house, who was gone and had my sis/BIL watching her cats). We got nothing out of the tests at first; however, funny enough, we got something interesting when we weren't even trying. I went to the bathroom, and while I was peeing, I was looking at the wallpaper blankly; it was made up of different kinds of birds, like pelicans and seagulls. Also during this moment, my sis/brother-in-law decided to try the board again. I went out, and they told me what word they received: "Bird."

    This was incredibly interesting, since only afterward did we fully, consciously consider the wallpaper in the bathroom. The board, in effect, seems able to draw out contents from our subconscious. Was it also slightly entwining between us in a telepathic sort of manner? Perhaps slightly–but telepathy is harder to prove; for it I only have anecdotes, and just a few of them.

  11. Why doesn't this video just open up and say "made and sold by Mattel" then close.
    I mean do you think you're actually talking to the spirit of Mr Monopoly Man? How about the spirits of 4 hippos that starved to death?

  12. Playing with a ouija board is an innocent passtime as long as you don't do it too often. This is due to the waste-of-time effect.

  13. Many people here ask why the planchette doesn't move by itself and needs human hands to move it.
    In fact, it can move by itself. Lift it up and let go and it will move towards the floor entirely by itself.


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