Tidy Up w/ Universal Game Cases

Use Universal Game Cases to tidy up your loose game cartridges.
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12 thoughts on “Tidy Up w/ Universal Game Cases”

  1. For the Mega Drive, there are replacement cases on AliExpress. Just search for "16 bit game card case". They have the normal sized cases as well as the smaller japanese Sunsoft cases.

  2. I think you meant LETTER size, not LEGAL? that is closest to A4. Legal is 3 inches longer (8.5 x 14 as opposed to 8.5 x 11).

    I live here… but I didn't create our insane units of measure!

  3. I’ve got my N64 games in a pull-out shelf built in to my TV stand, which was originally designed for VHS tapes. N64 games just happen to be the exact same width. I don’t care for fake boxes. There’s a company now that makes dust sleeves for N64 games that are like the ones that came on NES carts. They’re cheaper and take up less space than a plastic case or reproduction box, and are thin enough that I can continue using the shelf. I plan on getting some of them eventually, along with some top labels.


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