TSL Plays: Don't Say It

Inspired by an old variety game show, we played “Dont Say It!” in this episode of TSL Plays. The objective of the game is to avoid saying the words attached to our foreheads. And at the same time, we have to eliminate the other players by luring them into saying theirs!

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Featuring (in order of appearance):
Chris Soh –
Alison Tan –
Fauzi Aziz –
Yun Qian Lim –
Julian Reyes –

Produced and Edited by:
Cuiwen Bok –

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32 thoughts on “TSL Plays: Don't Say It”

  1. 7:11
    Alison: countsdown 5,4,3,2,1
    Q: joins in
    Chris: whyyouallstressmeoutbutneverstressanyoneelseout
    Fauzi and Julian: casually looking at chris while the girls are stressing chris out
    Me: look at them while laughing so hard

  2. Actually you guys didn't notice that Q was saying your welcome i notice that i say '' Q im sorry you are eliminated

  3. Today at school assembly we were talking about hari raya and then JULIAN THERE I WAS LIKE OMG!! I THINK LEAH WAS THERE TOO


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