WHATS IN THESE WOODS?! | The Watcher (Completed)

Well… aside from a weird bus, some corpses, bizarre notes and a murderous spirit that just really wants me to spend some quality time with them.

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About The Watcher
You are in Jackson Forest, living inside of an abandoned school bus. You have the feeling that you are not alone, as if someone is right next to you. Uncover the story behind what happened in the forest, and unveil the story behind The Watcher. Be careful, you never know when he’s standing right behind you.

How to play
Use WASD to move and Mouse to look around. Hold Shift to spring and Control to crouch. Toggle your flashlight with F.

Press E on objects to interact with them. You may also interact with newspapers. Simply press E to exit out of them. Press E on the objectives as well.

Nguồn: https://vestingpoint.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://vestingpoint.com/game/

5 thoughts on “WHATS IN THESE WOODS?! | The Watcher (Completed)”

  1. Man your channel deserves so much more subscribers. I gotta try this game soon, just subbed! I'll upload my version once I played.

  2. Thanks for playing our game! We made it for a game jam and didn't expect it to get this popular!

    EDIT: Also, just to clarify: he doesn't spawn anywhere in level 4 when you grab the body. He moves from point to point in the map, but when you find Hope he moves towards you constantly. You just had some bad luck and he was at the bus at that time. Sorry 🙁

  3. Oh! So this game is about the coron- … "That China thingy"

    Youtube please don't cease and desist me i was just kidding


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