Why The NEC PC-FX Failed! – Japanese Console History

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Today Top Hat Gaming Man discusses the history of the Pc-Fx and more importantly why it failed.

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A man in a top hat, with a dashing moustache or a highly distinguished beard, reviews rare video games in his massive collection. Appreciate the finer things in life! Top Hat Gaming Man travels around the globe, playing the best games for the handhelds around the world. The best games are like fine wines and only get better with age. Today, Top Hat Gaming Man discusses the history of the Pc-Fx and more importantly why it failed.

PC-Fx gameplay was sourced from Lairds Lair YouTube channel.

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20 thoughts on “Why The NEC PC-FX Failed! – Japanese Console History”

  1. So much adoration for your choice of running TG-16 Ys I and II game CD music in the background of this video.

  2. Compared to the PC Engine and it's iterations, mostly a colossal failure. They should have made something that would have competed with the Playstation, the Sega Saturn, or the N64 at the time.

  3. I always thought it was weird that NEC, with the PC-88/98, was the de facto standard in home computing in Japan, but its consoles never managed to be the number one.

  4. Hey mr top hat gaming man please pin this comment. If anyone is interested in playing a few of the PC fx games in English there's some fan translations on rom hacking website


  5. Idk wtf NEC were thinking , at least maybe there's an emulator out there and some fan translations so we can know if these games are shit or not


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